Our Projects

Automation of B2B Product Procurement Processes
Category: Process Automation
Date: Jun – Ago/2018
Tags: Process, Automation, RPA

Project Description: Review of data product provisioning processes, Ethernet accesses, Fiber, SDH and CPE activation. The automated processes using the RPA tool, achieved a reduction in execution time of up to 70%.

Status: Completed
Automatum - Process Automation Project
Automatum - IT Management Process Review Projecte
Review of IT Architecture Management Processes
Category: Process Review
Date: Out/2017 – Jan/2018
Tags: Process, BPM

Review and design of IT business processes for managing the demands of the business areas, governance of IT architecture and creation of an Architecture Committee. It also includes the revision of the Data Architecture processes, Application Architecture and Infrastructure Architecture. Additionally it includes the creation of indicators to measure performance and quality of the artifacts generated by the new processes.

Status: Completed
Review and Improvement of B2B Operation Processes
Category: Process Review
Date: Abr – Out/2018
Tags: Process, BPM, Change Management, Heat Map, Governance

Solution of 40 gaps identified in the previous stage of the project. These solutions involved process improvement, employee training, process governance, measurement of indicators, reliability of data used by the processes. The improvements were classified into two categories: quick-wins which took a few weeks for implementation and complex implementations that require a longer timeframe and budget. The project brought earnings of more than $ 400,000 in 6 months

Status: Completed
Automatum - IT Architecture Office Artifact Construction Project
Elaboration of artifacts for the IT Architecture Office
Category: Business Architecture
Date: Jan – Ago/2020
Tags: Business Architecture, Process, BPM, Governance, Repository, Future Architecture

Definition of mission and vision of the IT Architecture, overview of the business, information, systems and infrastructure architecture. Elaboration of IT Architecture Governance and demand prioritization model; definition of information security principles and the repository for storing architectural artifacts; and definition of IT architecture documentation standards. In Future Architecture, the standards for high availability and high performance solutions and authentication standards, microservices with kubernetes, and templates for front-end and back-end solutions were defined. The objective of the project was to provide the IT Architecture area with processes, governance, standards and best practices to better meet the demands of the company’s business areas.

Status: Completed