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Business Processes

Analysis, improvement and / or redesign of business processes to meet the current and future needs of the company;

Business Architecture

The solution comprises the 4 components: processes, information, systems and technology and is provided according to the needs of each client;

Process Automation

We use “Robotic Process Automation” – RPA technology to accelerate the automation of your processes or traditional systems as needed.

Digital Transformation

We use the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and the Open Digital Framework (ODF) both from the TM Forum as a reference to optimize and ensure the success of digital transformation projects

TM Trainings and Certifications

Offering the TM Forum trainings and certification portfolio

Data Protection

Incorporation of best practices and legal framework for the protection of personal and sensitive data, identification of risks and mitigation plans.


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Process misalignment:

It is usual and recurring that the processes do not keep up with the evolution and new needs of your business. We have extensive experience in identifying and resolving these misalignments, implementing specific improvements or the complete redesign of processes when necessary.

IT is unable to meet the deadline and scope needs of the business areas:

This problem is common in many companies in several sectors. We have successfully used the Enterprise Architecture approach to solve this problem, reviewing IT processes and implementing an effective Governance to control the entire life cycle of the demands and solutions designs.

Absence of standardized compliance procedures:

it is essential that the company has standard anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies and procedures following the best international practices such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – FCPA of the USA, the Bribery Act of the United Kingdom and the Brazilian Law 12.846 of 08/01/2013. We provide solutions for the creation of these policies, processes, roles and responsibilities, conduct manual and compliance management systems.

Absence or deficiency of Personal Data Protection procedures:

Based on the Brazilian data protection law known as the General Data Protection Law – LGPD, Law 13.709, many companies have not yet adapted to the legal requirements, incurring risks of the leakage of personal data from their customers, employees and suppliers. Our services ensure that the company identifies the risks it is exposed to and we create and implement plans to mitigate / eliminate these risks.


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